How is the price of a translation calculated?

Translation prices are calculated by how many lines are in any given text. I translate according to a rate per standard line. The number of lines in the target language is decisive, as is customary in the industry. One standard line consists of 55 characters including spaces.

How do I calculate the amount of lines in my text?

Open your text in MS-Word. On the tool bar click “Tools”: “word statistics” – click “number of words” – “number of strokes with spaces”. Take the figure shown and divide it by 55. This will give you the amount of lines in your text.

The line rate I charge depends on the length of your text, the format of the text and the desired delivery date.

Please contact me if you would like a free non-binding quote.

Simply email me and attach the text in question.

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It is also possible to agree special rates for regular customers.

My minimum order value is €30. An additional fee is levied for certifications.