English for Adults

You may want to deepen your understanding and improve your language skills, prepare for a new position, move abroad or just go on holiday – there are always reasons to refresh your language skills.

I teach business people, academics, other professionals, and any motivated students of English. I work with a great variety of engaging materials, up-to-date resources, and frequently use role plays and current news events in my lessons. I am a strong proponent of using authentic materials in the classroom (for example the newspaper). A very important element of all my lessons – be it business lessons or private tuition – is an element of enjoyment and fun. Feedback from my students always emphasises my ability to assist the students in to achieve their learning goals quickly and thoroughly and in a very enjoyable and fun way.

Lessons are arranged in

After assessing your level and requirements, I focus on the exact type of English training you need. This can include:

General speaking fluency

  • Building your confidence and vocabulary
  • Role-play situations
  • Learning ‘real’ colloquial English, not just formal ‘textbook’ English

Practical business situations

  • Meetings, interviews, presentations, and negotiations
  • Writing emails, letters, reports, and curricula vitae
  • Practice specific business situations

Please see for more detailed information on my business English and intercultural training


  • Intensive classes to help you achieve a better English voice
  • Preparation for speeches, congresses, and conferences


  • Basic grammar – tenses, articles, sentence construction etc.
  • Advanced grammar – phrasal verbs, conditionals, prepositions etc.

Examination preparation

  • Training focusing on specific examination areas
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