Perhaps you have written a text in English or it has been prepared for you and you are wondering if everything is correct? Maybe you are not sure if your text will make sense to your target audience. You may therefore wish to have the English text proofread. No problem at all…

Non-native speakers sometimes make mistakes when it comes to specialist terminology, idioms and metaphors. Equally, grammatical errors can creep into the text. In such instances, proofreading serves act as a safety net by correcting such language errors. As a native speaker with a strong sense for the intricacies of the English language,

I can polish up the style of your text and remove inconsistencies and errors, which the non-native author may not notice.

My proofreading can be limited to an inspection of English spelling, punctuation and grammar. By the same token, I can undertake extensive stylistic revisions and amendments.

I proofread:

  • All types of business texts (e.g. correspondance, tenders, contracts)
  • Marketing texts (e.g. flyers, mailings, brochures, advertisements, customer and employee magazines, company reports, press releases, websites etc.)
  • Media texts ( e.g. articles, reports, surveys)
  • Advertising texts (e.g. brochures, catalogues, press kits, ad copy, product presentations etc.)
  • Job applications and curriculum vitae
  • Scientific and scholarly texts (e.g. articles for trade journals, specialist publications, studies for publication)
  • Technical texts (e.g. instruction manuals)

I offer:

  • Top quality and meticulous proofreading of your texts
  • Proofing of spelling, punctuation, grammar, style, central theme.
  • Smoothening of irregularities and optimisation of the comprehensibility and consistency of the writing and terminology.
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