Specialist Areas

My areas of expertise are as follows:

  • Marketing, Public Relations, Advertising Texts
    Website content, newsletters, essays, articles, press texts, company profiles, brochures and flyers, surveys, publications, catalogues, press kits, advertising texts, display texts, product presentations etc. PowerPoint presentations
  • Business and Finance
    Business documentation and correspondence, corporate guidelines and manuals, IT texts, financial reports, fact sheets, tenders, contracts
  • Education and Job Application
    Bachelor and master theses, dissertations, job application documents, training materials, lectures
  • Culture, Art
    Cultural projects, exhibitions, art brochures
  • Travel & Tourism
    Hotel and travel information, travel guides, menus
  • Technical Documentation, Reports & Technology
    Manuals and operating instructions for technical devices, for example: PC Periphery devices – printers, multifunctional devices.
  • Media
    Translation of international news items from the business press and IT news
I have learned to love the long term goals anyone could try here that come inherent to the world of business, and intend to make it a permanent part of my career as well