Tips for Customers

At NMELS, my aim to provide you with top-quality work at all times. As the customer, you can help in this regard by providing some extra supporting information.

So if you decide to make use of my services, please bear in mind the following tips. These will help contribute to the success of your translation or proofreading:

Text and layout

Where will your text be placed (e.g. article in trade magazine, advertising copy, film script etc.)? If your document includes images or text columns, it is very helpful if you can also provide me with a PDF file so that I can see the exact layout. If possible, please also forward the text as a document in MS-Word format. This ensures that I can start the translation or proofreading without any unnecessary delays.

Target group

Who is the target group? Whom does the translated text address: executives, technical staff, legal experts or private persons? How old is the reader and what is his language level? What effect should the text have on the target reader? What tone is aimed for – a formal or a casual tone? Do you prefer British or American English? Unless otherwise instructed, I always work in British English.

Background information

Do you have any relevant reference materials? For example: similar texts, brochures, visuals, former translations. This shows me the desired linguistic style and tone and allows me to translate your document in a similar style.

Specific company information

My translations should bear your stamp. Is there any company lingo or wording that should be taken into consideration?


For specialist translations, you may have specific glossaries or terminologies that you work with or you may use technical expressions that are specific to your industry or company. If so, make sure to provide me with a list of these terms in the target language. This will ensure consistency.

Length of text

Different languages often require different amounts of space to express the same thing. Hence, it is quite likely that the original and translated texts will differ in length. This ought to be taken into account in the layout.

Contact person

In the event of queries or ambiguities cropping up during the translation or proofreading process, please provide me with a contact person who can answer questions regarding the content.


I can provide you with an individual quote after having taken a look at the source text or a representative part of the text.Simply forward me the text by e-mail or by fax. Don’t forget to let me know the desired or exact deadline for the translation. I can then provide you with an individual quote without delay.

Please note that as a reputable translator and member of the professional translators’ association, BDÜ, I have signed up to a code of conduct that includes . Your texts are therefore in safe hands.

After delivery

I am happy to assist you with any questions with respect to the translation or proofreading and always welcome constructive criticism and feedback.

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