Business English

In the international business world, English is and shall remain the most important language. Effective communication is a crucial factor in commercial success. Only those who have mastered the language can present themselves on the international stage in a convincing manner and thus serve their customers and partners in an efficient, friendly and targeted manner. I can be your key to the English-speaking world and support you in developing your understanding of native and non-native speakers of English.

I offer in-house Business English Training for companies, who wish to train their executives and expert personnel at the highest level. As a Business English teacher, I focus not only on linguistic competence and discourse competence but also on intercultural competence. Language learners need to be able to use English in real-life situations and hence my coaching and training is awash with real-life practice and experience.

Maybe you or some of your employees require training in Business English in order to deal with foreign customers or suppliers or must prepare for a new assignment abroad? Whether you are looking for one-to-one lessons or lessons in a small group, either in-company or privately, I can provide the solution.

If you are looking for specialised Business English courses, for example, if you need to learn how to negotiate in English or how to conduct conferences in English, .

As your coach in 1-to-1 training or lessons in a small group, I serve as your personal assistant, and assist you in correcting and improving reports, emails and other business correspondence. In addition, I enable you to broaden your understanding of the different cultural views and expectations which business people come across when building international business relations through the medium of English.

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