Course Format

One-to-One Lessons

One-to-one lessons are designed to assist you in developing the self-confidence and competences required to be successful in an international environment. One-to-one teaching is a very effective method of teaching English to adults and business people and helps learners achieve significant improvements in speaking and understanding English in the fastest possible time.

I teach one-to-one lessons to business people, academics, professionals, and other motivated students of English. I design each course to suit the requirements of each individual client and focus on the exact type of English training that client needs. This means your course is exactly right for you, your English level, and your personal or professional requirements

One-to-one teaching also enables me to offer complete flexibility in the starting date, course length, course intensity and content.

Lessons in Small Groups

This form of English course is suited to a maximum of 5 people and can include for example general Business English or special company or function-related topics for example “Telephoning in English”, “Negotiating in English”, “Working with Americans” etc.

Crash Courses and Company Workshops

Crash course training is intended to bring big improvements in a short time, so such classes are designed for maximum intensity. A crash course is particularly suited to employees who need to brush up or improve or their English skills quickly, for example to take up a new role within the company, or before starting a new international job. A crash course means intensive learning on one day a week (half day or full day) over a certain period of time or in one piece (e.g. 5-15 consecutive days). Crash courses can be arranged as one-to-one coaching or in small groups.

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