Training Content

My Business English Training can include any number of the following topics or focus in depth on any one area:
  • Business presentations in English
  • English for presenting financial results
  • Telephone English and Conference calls in English
  • English for Meetings
  • Preparing to take part in an English-speaking seminars and events
  • Business Small Talk & establishing contacts: introductions, conversations, small talk und natural conversation
  • Everyday English: advising, recommending, warning, demanding, explaining, clarifying
  • Formality: Politeness, tactfulness, diplomacy, cultural and language sensitivity
  • Negotiating in English
  • English for business trips
  • English for living and working abroad
  • English in the office
  • English for Customer Service
  • Business correspondence: E-mails, letters, reports, short communications, protocols, presentations.
  • English for job applications: writing a curriculum vitae and letters of application, preparing for interviews
  • Getting to know contemporary business terms and expressions
  • Everyday Business English: Familiarisation with idioms and colloquialisms that are in widespread use
  • Listening: Understanding quick, natural colloquial language in business contexts
  • Vocabulary: Learn frequently used and subject-specific vocabulary
Crash courses or mini courses can also be arranged to focus in-depth on one or a few key areas.  
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