Course Structure

My lessons are arranged in units of 45 minutes. Generally, a minimum of 2 lessons are taken per sitting.

Flexible organisation:

My courses are completely flexible. The schedule and intensity can be arranged to suit your needs and available time.

There is any number of possibilities for structuring your lessons.

Here some examples: 1 or 2 units per week of 90 minutes on fixed days, or crash courses of on 1 – 3 consecutive days with 4-8 lessons per day, or 5 consecutive days with 4 lessons, or 1 day a week (for example Friday) for half a day or a full day. It is also possible to arrange one or more workshops on different topics at intervals of 2-3 months.

Before the course:

Before the start of your course, I assess your English level, and then tailor the course to meet your exact requirements.

During the course:

Whatever the course format, I always correct the errors that are preventing you from communicating in clear, fluent English.

Throughout the course, I continuously monitor your progress, and make any changes necessary to ensure that you always achieve the best improvement possible.

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