Conversation Classes

Success in learning a second or third language has a lot to do with having the opportunity to listen to and speak the language. English language learners need frequent opportunities to learn and practice oral English in order for their literacy skills to flourish. Language learners learn English primarily by listening to language in use around them, while using context to figure out what the spoken words mean. With time and lots of opportunities to listen, observe, participate, and interact, learners progress in understanding and are able to produce language that is increasingly complete, complex, and grammatical. This is similar to the natural way that most young children learn the languages spoken by their families at home – in the context of activities and relationships.

My English Language Conversational Classes are designed to provide learners with this very opportunity to speak and listen to English. A conversation class will help you speak to and understand real English speakers in real-world situations.

I offer three different forms of conversation classes, namely:

  • – Designed for teenagers and secondary school pupils.
  • - Designed for adult learners who wish to brush up their English speaking skills.
  • - Designed for those learners who wish to improve their speaking skills for business purposes.

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