What’s up?

Let’s talk!

Are you happy enough with your written English, you’re reasonably comfortable with English grammar, and your vocabulary is already quite extensive? But you’ve no real opportunity to practice speaking English? Perhaps you lack the confidence to get really stuck into a conversation in English? Or is it difficult for you to understand real conversations? In other words, you want to learn to use real English in real conversations.

In my conversation classes for students from 5th grade upwards, everyone chips in with what they have learnt so far. We discuss topics that are guaranteed to interest you: topical stories from the media, sport, music, cinema etc.

The “What’s up?” conversational courses for teenagers and younger secondary school pupils are based on original texts from the English language press, literature and internet (Great Britain, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand) in addition to songs and films. You can also bring along photos and other memorabilia from your holidays or adventures and report on these or talk about interesting people, places and experiences you have had.

A conversation class in a small group will help you to overcome the natural fear of speaking English in front of others and also improve your level of understanding. Your intonation, pronunciation and vocabulary will also benefit greatly. Specific grammatical issues can also be looked at if so required.

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